ICC Brossard Mosque

Peace be upon you, Dear brothers and sisters,

We are pleased to inform you that, for the duration of the month of Ramadan, especially during taraawih prayers only, 200 parking spaces have been generously made available to us at:

6200 Grande-Allee, Saint-Hubert, QC

Please note that parking is not permitted in the parking lots of our neighbours, such as the ROYA Daycare, the CHSLD, Gestion ParaMédical and the Coptic church. You risk having your car towed by parking in these locations at your own expenses.

Thank you for doing your part in leaving a good impression of Islam on our neighbours.

Iqamah Azan Salat


Shurooq الشروق

Zuhr الظهر

Asr العصر

Maghrib المغرب

Isha العشاء

Jum’ah الجمعة

Help Us maintain the house of Allah and serve you better. Do not ignore or underestimate the power of sadaqah! How we spend donations? ① Renovations, ② Monthly Maintenance (Electricity, A/C, Water, etc), ③ Free Iftar & Suhuur During Ramadan ④ Eid Services, ⑤ and others…