Marriage Services

The ICC has been given permission to perform and register marriages among Muslims.
The persons who wish to marry are required to kindly follow these guidelines and bring the following original documents:
  1. Birth Certificate (required)
  2. Passport and/or Citizenship Card
  3. Certificate of Divorce (if one of the partners is divorced)
  4. Death Certificate (if one of the partners is widowed)
  5. Other documents if needed
  6. Fees: a check of $500 under the ICC’s name must be provided along with the application form
  7. The to-be spouses should provide their phone numbers and e-mail addresses on the Form.
  8. Required information from the witnesses: names, copies of their IDs, addresses and phone numbers. Please note that it is mandatory for the witnesses to be at the wedding ceremony.
  9. Date of marriage must be provided by the parties and should be at least a month later.
  10. All of the above, along with the fees, must be handed over to the Imam at least a month before the proposed date of marriage.

Please fill out the application

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