Tutoring at ICC

So as to help our youth, dedicated volunteers will provide tutoring sessions in English, Math, French and Science and are scheduled as follows:

  • Every Saturday, volunteers will host a 2 hour tutoring session.
  • Every session will be hosted 1h30-2 hours before Maghrib prayer.
  • Tutoring sessions will be centred around helping the students understand different subjects they may find difficult.
  • For the first three weeks of each month, sessions will be held for help on homework and general subjects students are studying at that particular moment.
  • For the last week of each month, sessions will be held to help students prepare for upcoming exams in the month that follows.



  1. October 9th 2021
  2. October 16th 2021
  3. October 23rd 2021
  4. October 30th 2021


  1. November 6th 2021
  2. November 13th 2021
  3. November 20th 2021
  4. November 27th 2021


  1. December 4th 2021
  2. December 11th 2021
  3. December 18th 2021

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