Our Mission

To provide for the community the best place to

  • To worship
  • To educate themselves and their children on islamic values
  • To socialize
  • Spirituel, physical and mental developpement
  • The community center will also reach out to other inter-faith communities to foster good relations and integration with the greater Canadian society

Our Vision

In early centuries of Islam, the mosque served as a central place for the political, educational, religious, social and cultural activities of the Muslims.

In today’s society, there is such a need to expand the role of a mosque. From mere prayer halls, the new edifices have evolved to become community centers that cover various aspects of a Muslim’s life. They aim to develop and grow a healthy and intellectual Islamic society. These institutions provide the population with a strong foundation; starting from an Islamic grounding to the development of qualities like leadership, charisma, power to inspire and promote the true values of Islam.

It is with this vision that the Islamic community of the South Shore has been working to establish an institution that would serve as a cornerstone in promoting activities reflecting Islamic identity, values, education and true brotherhood among the Muslims.

For the vision to become a reality, it is imperative for the Islamic community center to have an Islamic school and a library to educate the Muslim children in the vicinity of a mosque. A multi-purpose hall and gymnasium will provide facilities for sports and social activities for the children, the youth, the ladies and the elders.

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