Assalamu ‘aleykum Dear brothers and sisters,

Congratulations for the blessed month of Ramadhan! May Allah accept your fasting, your prayers and all your good deeds.

As you know, every year during Ramadhan, our center holds a daily collective Iftar, where more than 200 people come to break their fast.

This year, with this trial of covid 19 that we are all going through, we still want to maintain this blessed tradition, but in a different way:
we would like to provide up to 300 plates daily to give away as take-outs or delivery.

The cost of every plate is only $7.00: so if you donate $70.00, 10 people will be able to eat and if you donate $700.00 you will feed a hundred
people. The full cost of the iftar for 300 people is only $2100 per day: imagine the reward you will get by feeding 300 people!

Our beloved Prophet, peace be upon him, told us in a beautiful saying: “Spread peace, feed people, connect yourself with your relatives and pray during the night while people are sleeping; then you will enter paradise peacefully”.

In this blessed month of Ramadan by donating even only $1, you will be among those who will act on this saying of our Prophet, peace be upon him.

So please donate generously to be part of this honorable Project.

Please visit to donate now If you are in need, please do not hesitate to come and pick up a plate everyday during the month of Ramadhan. The distribution of the food will take place from 6:00 PM to 7:30PM.

If you know someone in need, please direct them to our center: we will be more than happy to help them and no question will be asked.
If you are 65-year or older and need some food, please give us a call at 450-656-9841 or send us your address at we will be more than happy to deliver a plate to your place.

Please note that the distribution of the food will be done according to all the health and safety standards as well as social distancing.

May Allah reward and protect you all!