Ramadan Iftar

Assalamu 'aleykum Dear brothers and sisters, Congratulations for the blessed month of Ramadhan! May Allah accept your fasting, your prayers and all

Ramadan Iftar2020-04-23T19:07:28-04:00

Ramadan 2020 Calendar

Alhamdu Lillah, the Ramadan 2020 calendar is now available. Clic here to visualize or to download

Ramadan 2020 Calendar2020-04-22T17:30:55-04:00

How to Get Ready for Ramadan

"How should we prepare our baggage for Ramadan? Al Shaikh Al Shanqiti was asked this question: how would you advise us to

How to Get Ready for Ramadan2019-05-02T00:37:11-04:00
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