ICC Brossard is glad to announce that our brother Nabil Halouani, one of the professionals of our community, will give this summer (starting July) Workshops on Entrepreneurship and Finance to the youth of our community.

As you know, it’s not all kids who wants to become an engineer, doctor, accountant, etc…., others wants to become businessman and businesswoman.

Entrepreneurship is not something we teach at school, the workshop is to help these youth to understand all the required steps to start a business and all the advantages and disadvantages of starting its own business.

This workshop is free and it is reserved for boys and girls between 15 and 25 years old.

To help us organize this event, you need to register in a list that is available at the ICC administration and provide your contact information. We will contact those who are registered to provide more detail about the workshop.

Brother Nabil Halouani is professional with a heavy background in business development and many years of experiences in innovation companies. He is also financial adviser at World Financial Group.